Frequently Asked Questions

Through their secure, online platform, Demitto hosts Reverse Auctions that connect consumers and jewelers to facilitate the sale of high-quality diamonds.
Demitto guarantees a minimum savings of 2% on the sale of any diamond obtained through our Reverse Auctions, or your $30 service fee will be waived. In many cases, buyers save 5% or more!
You will purchase your diamond through the winning jeweler from your Reverse Auction.
Demitto allows customers to list any diamond found on a major, reputable diamond website.
Demitto allows customers to list both natural and lab-grown diamonds. We accept GIA, IGI and AGS. It’s important to remember that, because you will receive a diamond of the same certification as you list, a customer that lists a GIA diamond will receive bids for other GIA diamonds, and so on.
While the number of competing jewelers will vary from auction to auction, a customer will typically receive bids from between one and five jewelers.
Demitto is extremely selective in regard to the jewelers we partner with. Our partner jewelers have been active in the diamond industry for many years, and have access to thousands of diamonds, many of which are showcased online.
The winning jeweler must provide a diamond that is of the same weight or more, the same color, same clarity, and same or better fluorescence. The certificate of the diamond must also be the same as listed on auction.
Once the auction has closed and you have been put in contact with the winning jeweler, you will be able to discuss purchasing a ring, as well.
Once the bidding has closed and a winner has been determined, Demitto will provide the customer and jeweler with each other’s contact information.
You are free to change your mind at any point in the Reverse Auction; all you have to do is alert Demitto and the winning jeweler.
Demitto's profit comes from the $30 service fee on every Reverse Auction that is hosted.