How Technology Adds Value to Small Diamond Manufacturers

When people think of diamonds, they like to think big. Every celebrity engagement is drowning in news items about the size of the diamond. Not to mention diamonds such as the 146-carat Koh-i-Noor, one of the largest in the world, steeped in mystique and part of the British Crown Jewels since Queen Victoria’s reign.

Although large diamonds get a lot of attention, most consumers are not in the market for the types of diamonds worn by celebrities and royals. With jewelry trends such as halo rings and pave style settings, small diamonds constitute a very healthy part of the global diamond market. 

In fact, the smaller diamonds segment is the only segment of the market that is significantly growing, and demand for smaller diamonds continues to rise worldwide. As a result, many manufacturers are moving into small diamond production, and Demitto is adapting its proven diamond planning and manufacturing technologies specially to the small diamond segment.