About Demitto

Demitto was created to connect jewelers from all over the United States with diamond purchasers. We provide a safe, secure environment for you to post your requirements, so that approved jewelers can bid to give you the lowest price on the perfect diamond. Once the auction ends and you accept the lowest price, you’re able to purchase your diamond directly from the winning jeweler.

Our Promise:

We guarantee that you will save a minimum of 2% on the diamond you’ve listed, or your full $30 service fee will be waived!

Demitto's Jewelers

Demitto works with only the finest jewelers and jewelry stores in the United States. Each partner jeweler has a long history in the diamond business, as well as access to a vast array of diamonds. We carefully screen each jeweler, to ensure that they meet our standards both in their dealings with customers and other jewelers. Only approved jewelers may participate in Demitto’s reverse auctions. We have a strict policy against any wrong-doing, because the confidence and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.