How it works

Buy Your Diamond on the Home of the Reverse Auction

Demitto offers you the unique opportunity to source and arrange the purchase of your diamond online, through a Reverse Auction. In a Reverse Auction, a buyer provides an example of the diamond they wish to purchase, and jewelers who possess the same (or an even better!) diamond “bid” to sell their diamond to the buyer. This purchasing option allows you to demonstrate your desired diamond, so that carefully screened jewelers from all over the country can compete to provide you with the best diamond for the lowest possible price. All you need to do is provide specifications for and a link to the diamond of your choosing, and one or more carefully screened jewelers will provide you with your chosen diamond—or an even better one!

Contact Your Jeweler

Once the jewelers have finished bidding on your Reverse Auction, we will provide your contact information to the winning jeweler, and the jeweler’s contact information to you. That jeweler will then sell you your selected diamond directly, at the closing price from the Reverse Auction.

Receive Your Diamond

Once you have purchased your diamond from the lowest bidding jeweler, you will work with that jeweler to finish any necessary follow-up work and receive your diamond. If you’re also interested in purchasing a ring for your diamond, this is the time to discuss your purchase with the jeweler. It’s that simple!